What is Drip Email Marketing?

Drip email marketing is an automated email that goes to your user when any particular action is performed or at any particular time.

This drip email marketing is all about sending the right email at the right time to your customer. For instance, when a user signs in, he gets a welcome mail, and then after a few days, offers and discounts mail.

Say a customer flips back from a premium plan upgrade page on your website. In this case, you can send a drip email about the features and benefits of that premium plan and try to convince him to buy the premium plan.

The thing is, that you don’t have to manually feed or type mail every time for your customer as everything is automated here. You just have to define the user segments and stages, and they will take care of the rest.

When to use a Drip Email Marketing and Increase Revenue?

Drip Email Marketing becomes handy in various possible marketing situations and should be used in how your customer is responding. The purpose of this drip mail can be to convert sales or build a relationship or even for educating.

Below are some scenarios where you should use drip email marketing

  • Welcoming them for the first time
  • Sending special offers and discounts
  • Free trial to the paid membership upgrade
  • Acknowledging any upcoming events