Importance of data science in digital marketing

Data science in marketing can be used for deriving meaningful business outcomes, understanding audience real, time behavior, running different experiments, tailoring the personalized digital experience, optimizing their campaigns etc but marketers are struggling with it. 91% of senior marketers indicated that customer data was essential to making decisions. (Forbes).

While marketers are expert in strategy designing, optimization and delivery, interpreting digital data is a whole other chapter. This is when data scientists step in. A significant piece of information is useless if not applied well and this why data science is so essential to the marketing equation. Data science insights are connected to marketing re

Data scientists excel in handling, manipulating and extracting meaningful insights out of that data. They combine the science of statistical models with the art of creative work to go into a space where marketers can not only see a payoff today, but also a payoff tomorrow.

Data science is responsible for mapping social networks and illustrating customer personas. It also identifies demographics and locations, in addition to tracking target audience responses and moods. Data science has enabled companies to customize their customer experiences.

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